About ISDA

ISDA is a fabless semiconductor company providing High end technological solution with a strong and efficient expertise back-up from Industrial leaders in power efficient reconfigurable radio transceivers ICs and platforms. Our solutions will address the markets segments of GPS, GNSS, FMCW Radars, and Tactical Radios

With extensive experience in mixed-signal and radio frequency integrated circuits, ISDA offers an extensive IP portfolio, enabling its customers to bring new products to the market at lower development cost, risk and time.

ISDA has extended design expertise in Millimeter wave products up to 96GHz. The enables ISDA to address broad spectrum of market needs from RF Communications up to Automotive Radar and related applications.

Mission and Vision

To attain a premier market position with core technical expertise in high end RF technologies with a solid reputation for technological excellence and quality. To design, Develop and fabricate RF & Millimeter wave products in Navigational, Radar & related communication applications.

Develop products based on Radio communication, GPS and Radar technology using RFIC/ MMIC/LTCC implementation that significantly add value to our customers, quality, performance and quicker time to market.



ISDA has focused on high-performance IC design for analog, RF and mixed-mode applications. We bring our customers, more value by offering our system expertise in defining your product and solving all related system issues, before selecting an appropriate technology and proceeding to the actual IC implementation. Apart from our expertise in areas of Radio Communication, GPS and Radar Technology products, we intend to extend our current strength extends to specific industrial, medical, sensor applications.